Customizable cleansing discs

Bespoke cotton pads made and customized in Portugal.

These bespoke cotton pads are made of terry cotton in our textile factories in Portugal.

With the current environmental situation, it is important to replace single-use products with products with longer lifetime.

The customizable cleansing discs can be cleaned very easily in the washing machine and are 100% ecological.

You have the possibility to customize them according to your needs. Indeed, you can change the dimensions of the customizable makeup removers but also change the shape of them.

We can embroider your logo or design up to 4 colors on one side of the cotton pads.


We can embroider your logo or the design of your choice up to 4 colors.

Product Information


100% Ketten (mix of cotton Terry and acrylic)


The cotton pads presented have a diameter of 5cm.

However, we can adapt the sizes of the product according to your needs.

Minimum Quantity

200 units


These cotton pads are available from 0,75€/unit w/o VAT (transport not included) for 200 units.


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