Seeds insects to plant

The customizable insects are made from paper pulp, and more specifically cotton fibers. They are filled with basil or rocket salad seeds, ready to be sown.

They are entirely manufactured and customized by our craftsmen in Portugal.

The principle of using customizable insects is very simple: just put in the ground and add some water. You will see basil or rocket salad growing!

Planting insects are available in 4 forms: a blue butterfly, a yellow bee, a green dragonfly and a red lady beetle.

They are presented on a sheet of 100% cotton rag paper with flower seeds (also to be planted).


It is possible to add your logo or specific design on the cotton sheet.

Product Information


Insects made from cotton fibers.


8x16cm – 50grs

Minimum Quantity

50 units


These planting insects are available from 3,45€/unit w/o VAT (transport not included).


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