Bespoke bath salts

Bath salts 100% elaborated from natural ingredients, handmade and personalized in Portugal. 

These natural bath salts are created in the atelier of our Portuguese artisans. They are made from sea salt, plants and essential oils. They are great for natural well-being, muscle tone and relaxation.

Thus, four varieties of bath salt are available such as Serrano (rosemary and lavender), Campestre (lavender and green anise), Doce (rose and hibiscus) and India (jasmine and green anise).

You have the possibility to choose 2 different sizes. You can also print your logo or design up to 4 colors on the packaging.


It is possible to customize the packaging with a logo and/or a design.

Product Information


100% natural ingredients: sea salt, plants and essential oils.


Two sizes are available: 50g e 150g

Minimum Quantity

50 units


Price upon request.


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