Bespoke Soaps made with natural ingredients

Soaps made with 100% natural ingredients, handmade and personalized in Portugal.

These natural soaps are produced by craftsmen in Portugal, according to a traditional method of cold saponification.

It preserves all the proprieties of the natural ingredients. Nothing artificial is added such as fragrance, conservatives or colorings. 

A large range of natural fragrances are available. You can have, for example, soaps with olive oil, goat milk or honey.

Moreover, a few sizes of soap are available ; and the packaging is customized according to your need.

No tests have been practiced on animals. However, a special soap is available for dogs and cats.


Possibility to customize the packaging with a logo and/or a design.

Product Information


100% natural ingredients


Available in 25gr and 100gr.

Minimum Quantity

50 units


Price upon request.


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