Natural candles with wine scents

Wine scented candles 100% vegetal, handmade and personalized in Portugal. 

These wine scented candles are made with soya wax and parafina by craftsmen in Portugal. But you can have it in soya wax and parafina. They are presented in a recycled wine glass and come with a cork lid. We can made this candle only with soya wax.

The candles are totally customizable according to your needs. You can choose the fragrance from a large existing range of the supplier. It is also possible to print your logo or design up to 4 colors on a paper label.  

Moreover, if you want to stay in the Wine area, four different perfumes are suggested to you such as Chardonnay, Cinsault, Pinot Noir, Pivoine et Port Wine.

These natural scented candles come in an organza pouch or a personalized cardboard box.


Possibility to put a paper tag with your logo or design up to 4 colors. 

Product Information


Vegetal mixed with soya wax and parafina.


This candle exists only in 170gr.

Minimum Quantity

100 units


This candle is available from 7,25€/unit w/o VAT (transport not included).


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