Grooming kit for men

Traditional shaving kit for men, handmade and personalized in Portugal 

Honoring old shaving techniques of rubbing the beard with natural soap in order to activate the skin in preparation for shaving.

This traditional shaving kit is available in a paper box and is composed of a soap, a beard brush and a cup in black clay. It is possible to sell the shaving kit without the clay cup.

You have the possibility to personalize this product entirely. In fact, we can print your logo or design on the kit but also on the soap box and on the brush.


Possibility to customize the brush (handle and hairs) but also the packaging of the soap and the cardboard box with a logo and/or a design.

Product Information


100% natural soap / paper cardboard box / clay cup

Black clay cup


Kit box: 17,5×14,5×6,5cm

Soap box: 100g

Clay cup: D13,5xH5cm

Minimum Quantity

50 units


Price upon request.


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