Paper bees to plant

These customizable paper bees are printed and made from cotton paper with flower seeds. They are made in our factory by our craftsman in Portugal.

Paper bees are sold in a pack of 3 units. They contain ecological messages and can be planted in the ground.

The principle of using these customizable paper bees is simple. You have to tear the paper into pieces, to bury it in a pot with soil and the paper will turn into an aromatic herb or an edible flower.

The bees to be planted are a differently to communicate but, above all, more environmentally friendly.

Make the difference by sending your messages through the planting paper bees!


We can put your logo or a specific design on the postcard behind the paper bees.

Product Information


The bees are made with cotton paper with flower seeds.


Paper postcard: 10x15cm.

Minimum Quantity

50 units


The paper bees are available from 2,85€/unit w/o VAT (transport not included).


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