Personalized bag with cords

Bespoke cotton bag with cords, handmade in Portugal.

This bag is made of 100% cotton in our ateliers in Portugal. It has several functions. Indeed, it can be used as a shoe bag or hair dryer for hotels. It is also ideal as a pocket to protect clothes, shoes or other accessories in a shop. It replaces the paper and plastic often used for packaging. It is then used as storage for all kinds of products.

This tailor-made cotton bag can be completely customized. Indeed, the dimensions of this pouch are adjustable according to your needs. You can also opt for a single cord or two cords to close it.

It is possible to print or embroider your logo or design on part or all of the pouch.


Possibility to print or embroider your logo up to 4 colors on one or both faces of the bag.

Product Information


Different fabrics are available such as cotton, brushed cotton, organic cotton, recycled cotton or linen.



Minimum Quantity

100 units


From 5,95€/unit w/o VAT* (w/o transport cost) for 100 units.

*Indicative price


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