The Gift & Craft concept

In a market context that tends to encourage a more responsible, useful and high-quality consumer behaviour, Gift&Craft presents and offers several categories of handmade products, using natural raw materials, to order, and personalized to the imageof its customers. 

The main goal of Gift&Craft is to highlight the incredible work of these craftsmen and their family’s heritage in terms of know-how.

The offer we are presenting is plentiful and offers products in many areas such as textile, leather goods, well-being products, ceramics, recycled paper and many more…

This involves offering our clients ideas of corporate gifts for special events and celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, etc.

Based on a close and trusting relationship with our Europeanartisans, mostly Portuguese, our products are made to measure using natural raw materials. 

In order to ensure the best quality of service, the control of our products is a meticulous and personalized process beginning with the order confirmation until its delivery.

            Our customers are are sensitive to current environmental issues, in search of quality and sustainable products involving a short productivity cyclethus promoting craft products. 

We work passionately with our manufacturers in order to best meet your requirements, offering you as much transparency as possible. 

Camille Burg – The founder

Originally from Paris, where I studied Marketing & Communication, I started my professional career in London where I worked in the development and sales of promotional gifts in the film industry first and then in the cosmetics sector.

After three years in London, I decided to move to Portugal and set out on a restaurant project with my former partner in the centre of Lisbon.

It is after this experience as a restaurant Manager that I preferred to return to my first love; the promotion of customized products. I worked first as a Production & Quality Control Manager in a Portuguese company on consulting missions for 5-star Hotels and Palaces. 

My ethical and environmental concerns, combined with the desire to respond in the best way to an increasing demand of unique quality products mainly produced in Portugal, made me want to launch my own business, resulting in the creation of Gift&Craft.

This concept is based on the discovery of Portuguese know-how and the research of high quality natural raw materials, used for the elaboration of products in ceramic, leather, wood, wool, cotton and many other materials. 

A strong network of close partners, mostly small producers and family-size structure allows me to respond to a strong demand forunique, high quality and personalised products.

It is for these reasons that I decided to develop Gift&Craft.