Natural scent diffuser

Personalized fragrance diffuser, handmade in Portugal.

This diffuser is created and customized by artisans in our Portuguese atelier. It is available in a transparent glass, in square or round shape.

This product can be customized according to your needs for special events or others. In fact, you can engrave your logo up to 1 colour or put a paper label with a design up to 4 colors.

The personalized fragrance diffuser diffuses nice and fresh fragrances in order to bring a pleasant touch and an enjoyable ambiance in your home or other living spaces. 

A large choice of nice perfumes are available. 

For the packaging, you can choose between an organza bag or a personalized cardboard box.


Possibility to engrave your logo in 1C or to stick a paper label with your logo up to 4 colors. 

Product Information


Perfume. Does not contain alcool.


100ml and 200ml.

Minimum Quantity

100 units


This fragrance diffuser is available from 10,90€/unit w/o VAT (w/o transport cost) for 100 units.


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