Bookmark in 100% paper

Bespoke paper bookmark, handmade in Portugal. 

This bookmark is made in 100% paper and is personalized in our atelier in Lisbonne.

The bespoke paper bookmark is fully customized according to your needs. It presents a piece of cotton fabric inside. You can choose from various colors and prints. You can also choose the cut of the paper shape on the front.

A piece of velvet is inserted on top of the paper bookmark in order to give a luxury look to this product. 

The sizes of this paper bookmark are adaptable at your convenience.


Possibility to choose the inside fabric and the cutting shape of the front paper.

Possibility to print a 1C logo only on the back of the bookmark.

Product Information


100% Paper and cotton fabric.



Minimum Quantity

50 units


The paper bookmark is available from 6,40€/unit w/o VAT (w/o transport cost) for 50 units.


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